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Renegade Nutrition was first launched in August 1999. That summer we set out to provide a web site where athletes could come to find the information they needed as well get access to the very best in nutritional supplements to help them achieve their goals. We wanted to market to the few who truly feel that "average isn't good enough".

Chris Johnson, involved heavily in both the retail and wholesale sides of the sports supplement industry for over seven years, founded this company. He recognized that even though the fitness industry was growing by leaps and bounds, so was the ignorance that accompanied it. The ground was fertile for snake-oil salesmen and "nutritional gurus" to take advantage of those who weren't privy to "inside information". Even now amidst the claims of "scientific research", "university studies", and "pharmaceutical quality products", the same deceptions exist that did back in the early 90's - only they look much prettier and sound more convincing. We made it one of our goals to set the record straight.

And as the fitness industry grew, Chris noticed another trend growing as well - the use of the Internet. People in general were looking for knowledge based sites and making many of their purchases on-line. It was only a matter of time before these two expanding markets, the fitness industry and the Internet, merged. Renegade Nutrition.com is the realization of that merger.

In 2008, the torch of responsibility was handed to Sonja Morrison. Chris left to pursue other ventures, including launching his own supplement line, Advanced Genetics. Sonja had big shoes to fill and brought with her an extensive knowledge of both fitness and business to ensure Renegade Nutrition.com continued to put you, the customer, first.

We at RenegadeNutrition.com have made our mission to provide readers with trust-worthy information and nutritional supplements that work. We have compiled a group of writers who all share the same goal - to provide readers with the know-how to become the very best athletes they can be. And by sifting through all of the media hype and pseudo-science we have made only those products that we feel have proven themselves useful available to our readers. That way our customers can rest assured that they are indeed buying only "the best of the best".

You can see that our motto, "when average isn't good enough" applies to the many facets of RenegadeNutrition.com. We think it's a trait that we share with our readers.


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