Make Your Resolutions Work
Some tips on setting your goals for 2006!

Jeremy Boyd

My "Fat Fast" Results
Chris has finished the "Fat Fast" Challenge and he's ready to report his gains...or is it loses?

Chris Johnson

Food-Fight Club
Biff Radbone usurps Warren to bring us an article of his very own about the state of our government's food labeling policies.

Warren Smith

Getting Lean - the Basics
Losing body fat is as simple or as difficult as you make it. Chris tries to simplify things.

Chris Johnson

Why Should I Use Pro-Lean?
Dr. Hollis points out how Pro-Lean is effective when used for anti-ageing, bodybuilding and athletic purposes, and for weight loss.

Michael J. Hollis

Protein, Protein, and More Protein
Julie touches on the different types of protein and just how much we may need.

Julie Feldman

It's our goal to answer each and every question you ask us. So who better to get to field your questions than our boss, Chris Johnson? Heck, he's got nothing else to do, right? Well, maybe that's not the case, but he's going to make answering your questions a priority anyway.

Chris Johnson

Destroy the Evidence
Part two of "Shades of Grey" delves further into the philosphic mind of the one we call Cunning Linguist.

One of Our Readers!




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